Aren’t interviews just too dull?

Qualities like ‘creative’ and ‘innovative’ can be essential for some videos but in an era when pretty much anything can be done with the right software there is still a very important role for the good old ‘nothing up my sleeve’ interview. No frills video still has a believability with viewers. Video still lets you look into someone’s eyes and decide if you believe them, like them, trust them. There is so much more being communicated than just the words being spoken. It’s why people can love an actor or hate a politician without ever meeting them. Text on a web page can say ‘we’re excited’ – but only seeing someone say it will convince you that they are. So interviews are still very effective for so many reasons. Leadership pieces, client testimonials, patient experiences, customer feedback. Text can be edited and photos enhanced – but people simply telling you what they think is still a massively important way to communicate which is uniquely believable with video. We only need to look at the continuing success of TED to understand the enduring impact of someone with something interesting to say, just saying it.

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