Not just an expensive ‘nice to have’ on a video

With motion graphics we can animate logos, titles, text, statistics and much more. Creating an opening graphics sting, or a stylish ‘3D journey’ can be a very sophisticated method of getting your messages across in a way that captivates your audience. Graphics can also be a very powerful way of presenting complicated graphs and charts, where elements build on screen so they are digested better by the viewer. Motion graphics are often thought of as a time-consuming, fancy and expensive part of the video making process, but they don’t need to be. We have created graphics-based videos to suit a range budgets, including videos made entirely of graphics to present information, also know as an ‘infographic’. The client will also have a large amount of input on how they would like their graphics to look as we always build our projects from scratch, and never use templates. We use the Adobe CC suite for our motion graphics work, and we can monitor in 4k.

See some of our Motion Graphics work