Video is very good at creating scenarios, setting scenes, showing behaviours, creating environments that don’t actually exist and asking the awkward questions. A video allows a trainer to bring something into the room which can’t be easily done live and it’s available whenever and as often as you need it.

We have produced several series of videos for the health, law, development and meetings behaviours sectors. The videos have transformed the sessions they are used in by actually showing how changes effect situations rather than relying on someone describing them. People are then discussing what they’ve all seen rather than their interpretation of what has been described. A much better experience for everyone. In some of these series we have used our (we think) unique advantage of having a studio where we filmed the actors against green screen and added appropriate backgrounds and explainer graphics to steer and enhance the learnings. This has the district advantage of being able to set the scenes anywhere you like – office, cafe, taxi etc without the cost and time it would take to organise real locations. It also means we can shoot a lot more scenes in a day because the cast and crew aren’t spending half the day travelling between locations. It’s another example of us adapting to what the client needs – not saying ‘this is how it’s done’.

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