Corporate Video

Corporate Video covers a massive area, from the established sectors of B2B, B2C and internal comms to the newer concepts of content marketing, influencer marketing and infographics.

Motion Graphics

Creating an opening graphics sting, or a stylish ‘3D journey’ can be a very sophisticated method of getting your messages across in a way that captivates your audience. Graphics can also be a very powerful way of presenting complicated graphs and charts, where elements build on screen so they are digested better by the viewer. Motion graphics are often thought of as a time-consuming, fancy and expensive part of the video making process, but they don’t need to be.

Training & Development videos

Video is very good at creating scenarios, setting scenes, showing behaviours, creating environments that don’t actually exist and asking the awkward questions. A video allows a trainer to bring something into the room which can’t be easily done live and it’s available whenever and as often as you need it.We have produced several series of videos for the health, law, development and meetings behaviours sectors.

Med Comms

We are working regularly with specialist agencies to produce a wide range of videos in this sector. Health is an area with some very powerful and emotional human stories that lend themselves perfectly to video. Patient stories that inspire sales teams, health experts promoting the role of pharmacies, introducing IVF clinics and promoting new products which could, literally, be a lifesaver.